Pizza at the Farm

Making pizza at Localita Il Piano has certainly been the highlight of my food experiences here in Italy thus far.  Sure, I have made pizza before.  I have even cooked in a brick oven many times at my work study job, but there was something special about making pizza in Italy.

For starters, we prepared the pizza outside on the patio and then cooked the pizza in a wood-fired oven.  Most, if not all, of the ingredients were local, and they included fresh herbs, vegetables, cheeses, and even wild boar.  As Ben, Adolfo and Darcy’s son mentioned, we were having our revenge on the wild boar, who can be quite damaging to a farmer’s crops.

There was just something about the atmosphere, about being invited to a family’s home to see their way of life and share in it for an afternoon that made this pizza experience so unique.  Our visit felt more like a family gathering than a school field trip.

Now, more about the pizza…

To start, we watched as Darcy and Adolfo worked to roll dough, add toppings, and toss the pizzas in the oven, where they only took about a minute each to cook.  Then it was first come first serve!  Although, if one was not quick enough to get a slice, there would be another pizza coming out fast.  In fact, they kept making pizza until we all could eat no more.  I suppose we should have known what we were in for, as their chalkboard menu read “Pizza: more than you can eat.”

All the pizzas were delicious.  Some were white, others red, some with cheese, some without. Eating the pizza fresh and hot out of the oven made it taste so good and I cannot imagine having pizza any other way now.  The crust was soft and doughy while somehow still being relatively thin and crisp.

When we had all had our fill, Adolfo and Darcy stepped aside to let those eager and willing to try their hand at Italian pizza making.  The dough had already been prepared for us, so all that was left to do was to roll it out, top it, and cook.  I drizzled olive oil on top of the pizza first to add some moisture to the dough, then I added tomato sauce and topped it with eggplant, cherry tomatoes, some greens, fresh herbs, and a bit of ricotta cheese.

To complete our meal, we had refreshing fruity popsicles made with goat yogurt from the farm, along with fresh fruit and a beautiful homemade crostata featuring Località Il Piano’s own jam.


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